Thursday, May 16, 2013

Flawed System

Date: 15 May 2013
Subject: Its a flawed system

I went to court on the advise of my so called "great" attorney to modify my alimony payments. I was paying $5000 per month for 10 years ..I am done w/ 2 years. She and her convict boyfriend bought a 21 acre $750,000 house together and she did not use the 700 per month in education money she was awarded in the original divorce decree. Instead of modifying it downward the judge scolded me and said I was nickel and diming her ...its crazy...I give this women $3500 month in child support who only wanted her kids 1/2 time (what a mom huh?) so she could have 2 weeks to party. She is crazy nuts.....its been 4 years and she has yet to even look for a job...but hell why should she ...she gets rewarded for cohabitating and making a mockery of the court system, The biggest travesty is when the judge said I had plenty of funds give my kids everything....the word "give" is very troubling...I grew up where there were things you worked for...and not just given. I am angry that the judicial system can't see through the lies of a serial cheater and habitual liar...but instead punishes the 1 person that is making the lives of his children normal.. WE NEED REFORM...My cheating X spouse get 10K a month and I have to work my ass off everyday ...and she doesn't have to work,,,her life gets 50% easier and she also received from me a house that was 100% paid for....and 1/2 of everything and she screwed 4-5 guys...its crazy HELP!!!

Thank you!