Wednesday, April 24, 2013


We need alimony reform on a federal level. There is a movement on reform across the nation due to the archaic laws regarding alimony. The demand for the request is because of the inequitable an unjust broken judicial system. There needs to be duration terms and formulas put in place that the trial judges must adhere to. Child support laws have term and formulations. Currently, it is a free for all at the expense of one person, the payer.
He is a frugal man. Meanwhile his ex-wife gets to spend away any monies she receives, as she is to get alimony for LIFE! She doesn't have to get up every day and go to work. But my husband has to work the rest of his life for her benefit. All past and future income goes to ex-wife. He is expected to exhaust all funds (even his half) and become bankrupt and even that would not end alimony, but get him arrested and put in jail. By the way, he has never been arrested.  I can not stress enough that this is IN-EQUITABLE!
Divorce is extremely difficult to go through and paying alimony for life over a divorce to an able body individual is just criminal. If welfare benefits stops upon employment, child support stops at age 18, why won’t alimony stop at cohabitation? Why won’t the legislatures put restrictions on alimony? Why is alimony an entitlement that cannot be altered or so extremely difficult to do?
Permanent/in-definite alimony subjects individuals to life-long bullying and harassment from their ex-spouse. This is encourage by our legal system. 
How illogical lifetime alimony for an ABLE body adult really is.
The family courts treat good people going through a divorce like criminals.
How is this possible in the United States of America? I was raised to believe the courts are fair and just. Only to experience this atrocity, is truly unbelievable.
Marriage is a contract between two people. Divorce ends that contract. No crime was committed but a sentencing of LIFETIME ALIMONY? Ex-spouse will never remarry and lose their entitlement.
Paying alimony until death interferes with our Constitutional Right to LIFE, LIBERTY and the PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS! Not to mention a violation of the 13th Amendment to ABOLISH INVOLUNTARY SERVITUDE!
The United States of America was found on INDEPENDENCE! We should be encouraging all individuals to be independent and self-supporting.
Alimony is a debt even if the states change the word to duty. It is a monthly lifelong financial obligation which carries a prison sentence and no crime was ever committed. How did this Great Nation let this happen to its law abiding, tax paying citizens?


  1. I'm right there with you! But Fighting...

  2. Sometimes i think these websites are set up by the law just to let us vent and not realy do anything about it.